Young Living Essential Oils
Better than a Drug Store...Young Living Essential Oils

Life can be a bit stressful, right?
Essential oils can help you keep calm and carry on!

They are nature's purest resource, used for centuries to heal the body and nurture the soul.

My favs!
- Tangerine to uplift my mood in the morning (I'm not a morning person. You can use it whenever you need a pick me up!)
- PanAway for sore muscles
- Peace and Calming for massaging on chest and feet at bedtime for sleep
- Peppermint for sinus congestion
- R.C for sprinkling on shower tiles to steam up the bathroom for a respiratory spa treatment

For information on how to purchase Young Living Essential Oils from me in NYC or anywhere, Click here Drop Talking with Monica O'Leary Singh

Get Started!

Get Started!
To purchase either a single bottle or two as a retail client or to jump in and receive the benefits of a wholesale independent distributor, please log into Young Living through my link below:

Young Living Essential Oils

To ensure I can assist you with your purchases, please verify that my ID 2191766 is listed as Sponsor and Enroller.

Young Living's beautiful and comprehensive web site Young Living Essential Oils has detailed information on products and uses, but even better, we have a Facebook group of Young Living users who share their experience and knowledge. Click Here to join Drop Talk, our educational Facebook group to learn more. Or simply send me an email.