"I've enjoyed many massages in the past, but the quality and effort put forth from Monica is above and beyond. I have yet been able to think about getting a massage anywhere else. Her ability to listen and respond to her client's needs proves that she holds herself at a high standard of excellence in her work. She establishes a calm, soothing atmosphere relaxing you from start to finish. I would, with zero reservations, recommend Monica for any of her massage services." J.C. Stamford, CT

"A word from a 91-year old Old Greenwich, CT resident who has had pains and tensions greatly mitigated, and peace and relaxation instilled by Monica's knowing and, important to me, understanding hands, she has my unqualified endorsement.
She is a true professional, I obviously enjoy her work and am anxious to have more clients also enjoy, and benefit from it."

"Monica O'Leary is, in a word, gifted. While she is highly trained and well-experienced, what sets her apart is her innate ability to connect with you, to quickly determine what your body needs and then set about bringing comfort and relief. A session with Monica is more than a treatment: it is a treat for your body, mind and soul."
G.W., 53yrs. old, Stamford, CT

"I am a colon cancer patient, and Monica has applied her reflexology skills to me. I had no expectations initially, and was delighted to find that these treatments do affect my whole body, providing widespread soothing and relaxation. There is even some mitigation of my neurologic side effects. Add to this Monica's therapeutic personality, and the benefits multiply."
I.G. 58 years old

"Monica has an energy that is calming long before the massage starts."
John, 33yrs old

"I use the different baby massage techniques taught by Monica on my one year old to help her relax when she isn't feeling well or just before bed."
Catherine, mother of 2

"I was very sceptical about having a massage and now I don't hesitate. I feel very comfortable with Monica. She helps me recover more quickly after hikes."
V.B. 34yrs old