We Are Environmentally Friendly

I have been an environmentalist since my elementary school project regarding the damage CFCs have on the ozone layer! I take pride in buying products and services that care about how we fulfill our business and conusmer needs. Each of us can make a difference. It is very easy! Here is what I do.

I pay a few extra pennies to ensure my electricity is coming from renewable resources. See Community Energy at www.newwindenergy.com

My website is run on servers powered by wind energy. Invisible Gold is committed to providing technology without harming the environment. Please see http://invisiblegold.com/About/environment for more information.

All linens are washed using Seventh Generation Free and Clear Detergents and, of course, when empty all packaging is recycled.

Pressing On Massage brochures are made with 100% POST CONSUMER waste recycled paper. (easily found at Staples)

I carry reusable clothe bags when shopping. It's easy.

If we all make green decision, industries worldwide will follow. Maybe you can make small changes, to do your part, too!